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Bob’s Summer Chicken Caesar Salad

The perfect summer salad: Light, but full of flavor! This recipe serves 2-4, so fire up the grill and get eating!
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Greg’s Pheasant Phattie

A delicious fall and winter entrée to enjoy while creating memories. Greg (Memphis’ Technician, Customer Service and Resident Cook) and Ziggy, his beloved German Wirehair, had a successful pheasant hunt in South Dakota this year. We're sure you'll enjoy his recipe...
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Mouth-watering Dough Crusted Chicken With Rosemary & Thyme Brown Butter Glaze

Delicious and savory chicken everytime with this recipe from our friend, Chef Ryan Caulfield!
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Chili Lime Chicken

Our easy Chili Lime Chicken recipe turns a plain old chicken breast into a flavorful delight!
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Jerk Chicken Recipe

This sweet and spicy jerk chicken for serves 4 very lucky people.
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Kickin’ Chicken Wings

A tried and true recipe for smokin' wings. Cherry pellets work great for this recipe
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