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Cedar-Smoked Salmon with Sandefjord Sauce

Sandefjord is a rich, Norwegian butter sauce commonly used with fish. In this delicious recipe, Big Swede boosts the classic sauce with his own mixture of fresh herbs and serves it with salmon smoked over cedar planks on a Memphis Wood Fire Grill! It's a simple yet sensational..
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Sweet Christmas Goose

Serving goose this holiday season? Big Swede BBQ shows us how to make a delicious Sweet Christmas Goose on a Memphis Wood Fire Grill! Cherry pellets, a sweet syrup, and a delicious sauce featuring brandy make this a magnificent and memorable dish for your holiday table.
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Green Hatch Chile Stuffed Turkey Breast

Want to add some spice to your Thanksgiving celebration this year? Try this delicious Green Hatch Chili Stuffed Turkey Breast! This stuffed turkey breast recipe is easy to follow and will leave your guests going back for seconds.
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Thanksgiving Turkey

If you take a look across our website you’ll see how proud we are of the ability to cook poultry like an all-star when it's done on a Memphis Wood Fire Grill. No matter what kind of bird, the mixture of convection roasting and wood fire flavor yields delicious, mouth-watering..
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