Convection Grills Offer the Ultimate in Flavor and Flexibility

The Quality Results You Want Without the Hassle of Rotisserie Attachments

Convection cooking is a modern method of circulating air throughout the cooking chamber to ensure a consistent internal temperature of food. While many kitchen ovens offer convection cooking, few grills on the market today do. Memphis Wood Fire Grills are an exception to that rule—our full line of wood pellet grills offer convection grilling technology, eliminating the need for rotisseries and other accessories.

The convection oven technology available in our products matches the capability offered by top-of-the-line kitchen ovens, all in a piece of equipment that is capable of grilling, smoking, searing, roasting and baking.

Why Choose a Memphis Grill for Your Convection Cooking Needs?

Our industry-leading convection grilling technology offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Consistency: Our pellet grill convection cooking technology offers the ultimate in temperature precision and consistency. Simply fire up your grill, set the desired cooking temperature, and walk away. There is no need to maintain the fire or check the temperature manually. In fact, you can even keep tabs on the grilling process as you enjoy your day using our Memphis Grills App.
  • Flexibility: Many grills offer multiple grates at different distances from the heating element, which can mean that food placed on the top grate is heated at a different temperature than food placed on the bottom grate. Our convection grilling technology ensures food is heated at the exact same temperature, regardless of which grate you choose. Cook your food on whichever grate you’d like or put different foods on different grates and rest assured that the temperature is the same on all levels.
  • Convenience: When cooking poultry, many people turn to rotisserie attachments in order to achieve a consistent finish. Our convection cooking system circulates air throughout the cooking area, which eliminates the need to purchase a rotisserie accessory. All sides of your food will come out perfectly and consistently browned.