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Why Memphis?

More than a Pellet Grill

Memphis Wood Fire Grills are more than just pellet grills. The ability to cook at temperatures from 180°F to above 700°F allows users to smoke, bake, roast, and sear their food to perfection. To put it simply, these grills do it all and they do it well. Here are just a few reasons to choose a Memphis Wood Fire Grill:

Why Memphis?, Memphis Grills

Wood Fire Flavor

Taste is important, and cooking with wood tastes better. It’s that simple. Cooking with pure hardwood provides real flavor and is preferred over charcoal or gas by grill masters and professional chefs alike.

Why Memphis?, Memphis Grills

Stainless Steel Construction

The convenience and flavor of wood pellet cooking, without the big black drum and chipped paint. Stainless steel brings performance and durability, matched with a sleek and sophisticated look that can’t be beat.

Why Memphis?, Memphis Grills

Versatility: Smoke, Sear, Bake, and Roast

Memphis Grills are quite possibly the most versatile grills on the market. Unlike many pellet smokers, our grills can smoke, bake, roast, andsear over a direct flame at temperatures above 700°F!

Why Memphis?, Memphis Grills

Innovative Technology

Our grilling app places full control of your grill into the palm of your hand. With the Memphis Grills Intelligent Temperature Control System™ and Cloud-Based Wi-Fi technology, you can control your grill from any place at any time.

Why Memphis?, Memphis Grills

Unparalleled Results

Memphis Wood Fire Grills produce delicious meals and perfectly smoked barbecue without the time and effort that goes into cooking with a conventional smoker or kamado grill. Add the smoky flavor you crave and create succulent smoked meats without the fuss.

Why Memphis?, Memphis Grills

Engineered in the USA

Our complete line of grills and stainless steel doors and drawers are designed and engineered in the United States of America!

Why Memphis?, Memphis Grills

Direct Flame Capability

The average pellet grill cannot reach high temperatures and certainly doesn’t give you the option to cook over a direct flame—But Memphis Wood Fire Grills aren’t your average pellet grills! With the Memphis, you can cook over an open flame at temperatures that exceed 700°F, allowing you to sear like a professional chef.