Care and Cleaning

To help ensure your Memphis Wood Fire Grill operates to its full potential, we highly recommend that you clean it on a regular basis and go through the entire cleaning process at least once a year. Watch our instructional video below or read through our step-by-step direction for more information.

Remember that seasoning is good for your grill (and can help give your food that delicious barbecue flavor!). Do NOT use any chemical cleaners or water inside the grilling chamber—Getting the interior wet can short out electrical components.

Step-By-Step Instructions (Cooking Chamber)

  1. Use a Genie Tool or brush to scrape down the grill grates
  2. Flip the grates over and repeat the process of scaping the grates with the Genie Tool or brush
  3. Use the Genie Tool or a putty knife to scrape down the Savorizer® so the excess grease and bits fall to the sides and beneath the Savorizer® to the pans below.
  4. Remove the Savorizer®
  5. Scrape down the hood and sides with the Genie Tool.
  6. Re-install the Savorizer® bottom side up
  7. Re-install grill grates
  8. Remove the grease pans
  9. Set grill temp to 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Then set grill to it’s highest temp. and burn off any remaining food byproducts
  10. While the grill is still hot, scrape down the bottom of the grill grate
  11. Once the grill has cooled, remove the grill grates and the Savorizer®
  12. Once grates and Savorizer® have been removed, use a shop vacuum to vacuum out the interior

Step-By-Step Instructions (Hopper and Exterior)

  1. Remove as many pellets as possible with a plastic cup
  2. Remove the back panel and vacuum out the interior
  3. Locate the two igniter wires and feed them through the grommet
  4. With the extra slack, remove the burn pot by taking out the four screws
  5. Vacuum the interior and screw the burn pot back into place with the four screws
  6. Wipe down the interior and replace the grease pans
  7. Re-install the Savorizer®, Indirect Insert, and grill grates
  8. Wipe down the exterior with soap and water
  9. To remove tarnish, grease, and smoke residue, use a nonabrasive sponge (Scotch Brite) with Bar Keepers Friend Cleaner and scrub in straight lines along the grain of the stainless steel
  10. Rinse with a wet wash cloth to remove any residue (do not use a hose on the grill)
  11. Wipe down with a stainless-steel cleaner; let the cleaner sit on the grill a few minutes before polishing it off