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Introducing Our NEW! IntelliBurn Technology™!

Memphis Wood Fire Grills introduces its game-changing, patented IntelliBurn Technology™: The most efficient and clean burn available in wood fire grilling today!

A Memphis Wood Fire Grill is the backyard chef’s secret weapon. It has you covered from pork chops to pies; from burgers to brisket to banana bread. By combining four separate cooking techniques (grilling, wood-fire searing, low-n-slow smoking, and convection baking), it is quite possibly the most versatile and flavor-enhancing device on the planet.

Do more — a lot more — with one easy-to-use grill. Read more about how Memphis Grills are unlike any other grill you’ve ever seen.

What can you do with a wood fire grill?



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“The smoker was delivered yesterday. I ran to the market and bought eight 1-3/4″ prime rib steaks, fresh corn, and potatoes. You really are going to help a lot of human beings have a better life with the Memphis Smoker! I do not exaggerate when I say it probably was the best steak in my life. Unbelievably juicy along with unbelievably good taste. Like remembering the flavor of a good bottle of wine the next day, I am remembering the taste of that steak right now. Absolutely evenly cooked, pink throughout. I am now a believer.”

Top Rated Pellet Grills and Smokers!

Create the Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams

With Memphis Grills, you truly can have the outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. We offer the only built-in wood fire pellet grill on the market today!

Our turnkey outdoor solution includes a built-in grill and weather-tight storage. The stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum products ensure your kitchen withstands the elements no matter where you live. And now, with our new stainless-steel drawers and doors, you can fully customize your outdoor space to match the high-end designs you have in mind.

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