Wi-Fi Reconnection

ITC 2 (Beale Street and Elevate Controllers)

When troubleshooting, first ensure that you are running the most current firmware versions.

To check this from your Grill Controller:

Power the grill ON pressing the top left “Power” button on the controller.
  1. From the home screen press the “MENU” button in the lower left corner.
  2. Press the “SOFTWARE” button.
  3. Check that you have the most current Grill and Wi-Fi Firmware—this should appear:

GRILL FW 4.0.0

WIFI FW 2.03
If you are not up to date on either of the firmware, please contact us via our support form with the subject line “Grill Update,” “WiFi Update,” or “Full Update”.

Memphis Wood Fire Grills Wi-Fi Reset Procedure

How to Reconnect the Wi-Fi on Your Grill Cart

How to Reconnect the Wi-Fi on Your Grill Built-in

  1. Go to Wi-Fi screen on ITC and turn off Wi-Fi.
  2. Unplug power to the grill without turning the grill off.
  3. Leave unplugged for 60 seconds, then plug grill back in.
  4. Turn grill on, go to Wi-Fi screen, turn Wi-Fi on and press “Setup” immediately.
  5. Follow the set-up instructions as explained in the Quick Start Guide.

Memphis Grills Quick Start Guide

It also helps to be able to see what state the LED on the Wi-Fi card is in. You want the LED to be flashing blue (provisioning mode) in order for MEMPHISGRILLS XX:XX to show up on your device’s Wi-Fi in settings.  Looking at the rear of your grill you can see the Wi-Fi card LED through the upper right-hand seam of the back panel or you can remove it.

Solid Green and Blinking Every Few Seconds:

Wi-Fi is connected to a network, no other work is required.

Continuous Blinking Green:

Grill is trying to reconnect to a network that it has previously been connected to. Either take off the back panel of the grill for Pro/Elite or the front panel for the Advantage, then click the button labeled “reset” on the Wi-Fi card. This should then turn the light on the Wi-Fi card solid red and then it can go into setup mode (blinking blue). Or you may have to do the following:

Memphis Grills Quick Start Guide

Solid Red:

Grill is not connected to Wi-Fi. Go to the Wi-Fi menu on the grill controller, and then turn on Wi-Fi, then immediately click setup and follow the Wi-Fi setup procedure:

Memphis Grills Quick Start Guide

Blinking Blue:

Grill is transmitting the Memphis Grill Wi-Fi signal. Go to your phone’s Wi-Fi connections and look to see if the Memphis Grill Wi-Fi network is available. It should appear for example as: “Memphis Grill AB:CD” (last four digits are unique to your Wi-Fi card and are the last digits of the MAC ID address).

Solid Blue:

This means you have clicked on the Memphis Grill Wi-Fi, and the grill is now awaiting input of your SSID (home network name) and password (network’s password) your home network password cannot contain non-alphanumeric characters such as: #$&. If you clicked the Memphis Grill Wi-Fi and the provisioning page did not automatically appear, go to your phone’s web browser and type in “www.wificonfig.com”. This should then pull up the provisioning page.

Red and Blue Blinking:

This means you have tried to update your Wi-Fi card’s firmware and there were no files found on the USB. Please ensure that there are the correct file (firmware.bin) on the USB, and if there are, and the card will not accept the USB please contact customer support for a preloaded USB with the correct Wi-Fi firmware on it.

If the provisioning page (SSID and PASSWORD) does not automatically open when you select Memphis Grill in your Wi-Fi settings on your device, you will need to open any browser and enter the URL www.wificonfig.com.

The provisioning page should appear and you will be able to search for your home network, select it and then enter the password for your network.