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Tangy Lamb Kebabs

Charred-rare Lamb kebabs are a succulent treat! These citrus rich skewers were quick and easy and served with a zesty Chimichurri topping.
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Smoked Lamb Gyros

There are so many delicious ways to serve the Smoked Lamb! We pulled ours to make these gyros and the contrast between the crisp greens, lemony yogurt sauce and the rich warm lamb was unbeatable! Served buffet-style where everyone can assemble to their own preference was the..
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Smoked Lamb Shank

As with most high quality cooking methods, the key to a great result is a great ingredient. Give the Memphis an excellent cut of meat and you’ll get beyond excellence in return. The simplicity of the ingredients of smoke and time should not be underestimated. This lamb is the..
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Reverse Seared Chocolate Mint Lamb

Reverse-searing red meats is especially great for achieving a uniform medium-rare straight through without sacrificing the charred outer edge we all crave. This lamb is slathered in a tangy mint sauce made from fresh sprigs of chocolate mint. Peppermint would do, also, but cut..
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Roasted Leg Of Lamb

When we purchased our deboned and butterflied leg of lamb it came already rolled in netting. We removed the netting, and unrolled the roast to expose the ragged surface left behind after the deboning process. The rub could then be worked into all the nooks and crannies to flavor..
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Lamb Stew

My dad used to call this a good old Irish stew. His version would include only onions, potatoes, lamb (sometimes mutton) and broth, with a bit of salt and pepper for seasoning. He was a purist! Today I still keep it simple but like to add a carrot or two and sometimes a bit of..
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