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Award-winning Ribs Every Time On The Memphis Wood Fire Grill!

Our award-winning baby back rib recipe, just for you from our friend Chef Ryan Caulfield! The long slow smoke on low heat makes these ribs perfect every time. For best results we recommend you remove the paper thin membrane from the backside of the ribs. It can be a bit tricky..
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Tequila And Lime Marinated Pork Kebabs

As we know, tequila and lime are a great combination! Use Boston butt (pork shoulder) or boneless country ribs which are simply strips cut from the Boston butt. This cut has great flavor and ample fat to be juicy even if overcooked a bit.
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Boston Butt (pork Shoulder)

Delicious Boston Butt everytime with multiple cooking directions below! Source: Southern Living magazine
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Jodi’s Apple Cider Glazed Pork Chops

Pork Chops come from the part of the pig known as the loin which runs from the shoulder to the hip of the pig. The loin contains shoulder chops (also know as blade chops), loin chops, rib chops and sirloin chops. The long marinating time in this recipe helps tenderize the chop..
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