Grilling Guide IV: How to Bake on a Memphis Grill

Did you know you can bake on a Memphis Wood Fire Grill?! And what better time to try than National Pie Day, January 23rd? If you’ve mastered the art of grilling steaks and burgers, it’s time to learn to bake on your Memphis! Read on to learn how you can bake pies, bread, brownies and lots more on your Memphis.

Convection Oven Baking

Your Memphis Grill functions as a true convection oven, making it a great choice for baking pies, pastries and bread.

What Is the Difference Between Baking & Convection Baking?

A traditional oven cooks food by heating the outside of the food first. That heat is then conducted from the outside to the inside until it’s done. In contrast, convection ovens use fans that produce hot air. This air is circulated consistently around the food, cooking it faster and more evenly.

Baking Is Simple with Your Memphis Grill

The Memphis Grill uses two convection fans for high-quality convection baking. As a result, baking pies or breads on your grill is just as simple as using a standard oven.

  1. Prepare your food: Prepare your favorite recipes the same way you would if baking in your traditional oven.
  2. Set your temperature: Set your grill’s baking temperature. Convection ovens produce more energy and more evenly distributed heat than conventional ovens.
  3. Place your food on any grate: With the Memphis grill, it doesn’t matter what grate you choose for your food. Our convection technology will cook your food consistently, regardless of where it’s placed. Need to cook multiple pies? You can do that with your Memphis grill.

Convection Baking Quick Tips

Here are a few quick tips to remember when baking on your Memphis:

  1. Save cakes and custards for conventional baking: Due to the fans used in convection baking, we recommend baking cakes, custards, and other desserts that rise in your conventional oven.
  2. Use low-sided baking pans: To take advantage of the convection process, use pans with low sides so the air generated can reach more surface area.
  3. Check your food frequently: Check your food as it bakes to ensure you don’t overcook it.

Convection baking takes a little bit of practice. Here are some delicious recipes to try, starting with pies:

You can also use your Memphis to bake bread:

More great baking recipe ideas:

A Memphis Wood Pellet Grill Does So Much More Than Grill

You can do so much more than just grill on your Memphis. Baking on our wood pellet grills is easy and delicious! To learn more about Memphis Grills, find a local dealer or give us a call at (866) 203-5607.