Smoked Tri-tip Roast With Wood Fire Sear


  • 1 Tri-tip roast (2lbs.)
  • Rub roast with olive oil to create a wet surface. This helps keep the seasoning on.
  • Light to medium sprinkle of Lindberg-Snider Red Baron Barbeque Spice
  • Medium-heavy grind of black pepper
  • Generous sprinkle of garlic powder


  1. Place in ziploc bag overnight (if you have time, or just throw it on the grill). IMPORTANT – make sure your tri-tip is at room temperature before putting on the grill.
  2. Set Memphis Wood Fire Grill temperature to 200 degrees F. (Toggle button to actual. You should see 200 degrees in about 7 minutes).
  3. Place tri-tip on grill for 60-70 minutes, reaching an internal temperature of 100-110 degrees F.
  4. Pull tri-tip off grill and wrap in heavy duty foil to keep warm.
  5. Turn grill up to max temperature (600 degrees, 650 degrees or 700 degrees, depending on model). Grill should reach max temperature in 12-14 minutes (a little longer in Minnesota where we build them and when it's single digits or below 0).
  6. Once max temperature is reached, switch to Open Flame Cooking Mode.
  7. Press up arrow to OF-3 (Open Flame 3). Remove grates, remove EZ Access Hatch and replace with Direct Flame Insert. Reinstall grill gates. (Be careful with this process. All parts are HOT!)
  8. Create the perfect char-sear over the open flame, about 6-8 minutes for an internal temperature of 125 degrees for rare to medium rare.
  9. Let the tri-tip rest for 10 minutes before cutting and slice on the bias for serving.

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