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Cedar Plank Pizza

We've discovered a new technique that we think competes with any great pizza out there. You can stick to the classic toppings or stray gourmet like we have. A perfect summer dinner and fun for the kids!
1. Soak the cedar plank for 1 hour. Remove from water and rub the top generously with olive oil (optional: sprinkle with cornmeal to further prevent sticking)

3. Preheat grill to 400.

5. Portion the dough into 1/2 pound slabs for standard cedar plank size.

7. Place dough on cedar plank and layer with toppings.

9. When the pizza dough is browned and crisp on the edges and the cheese is melted, 10-15 minutes , remove from the grill.

2 pounds Pizza Dough (1/2 pound per small pizza)
For Fig Pizza
sliced fresh figs
cracked pepper
Optional - Balsimic vingiar drizzle after cooked
For Prosciutto Pizza
Sliced brie
Nectarines (or other stone fruit such as plum, peach...)
Fresh thyme
cracked pepper
Or top with anything your heart desires
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