Exploring the Versatility of a Memphis Grill

Drunken Summer Fruit Pie

Gone are the days of using your grill only to cook burgers and hot dogs. The versatility and functionality of a Memphis Grill allows you to prepare all your favorite foods on one appliance with multiple cooking surfaces. From burgers to steaks to casseroles, pizza, and lots more, the Memphis Grill has you covered.

Explore Everything a Memphis Grill Can Do

Whether you want to grill up your favorite shrimp for Surf and Turf Day or want to bake some mouth-watering sticky buns for National Sticky Bun Day, your Memphis Grill can do it. In fact, a Memphis Grill can:

  • Sear: Even as a wood pellet grill, a Memphis Grill can reach temperatures of 500 to 700 degrees, perfect for searing steaks, chops, fish, and vegetables.
  • Smoke: Smoke Mode on a Memphis Grill ranges from 180 to 295 degrees. Plus, you can leave all the work to your Memphis! Our Mobile App allows you to adjust the temperature and keep an eye on your meat as it smokes to perfection.
  • Bake: The Memphis Grill is a true convection oven. This means your bread and pie will cook evenly and fast.
  • Roast: The convection abilities are also perfect for roasting meats such as poultry and vegetables. There’s no need for a rotisserie attachment with the Memphis—the internals fans do all the work.

Yummy Recipes to Try This Month Using Your Memphis Grill

Your Memphis Grill makes it easy to take advantage of all the fun foodie days February has on the calendar. Here are some of our favorite recipes you can try this month:

Apple Crumble Pie

Yes, you can bake on a Memphis! Substitute cherries for our apple crumble pie recipe and celebrate Cherry Pie Day with authentic wood-fire flavor!

Chili With Brisket Made on Memphis GrillCedar Plank Pizza

Although National Pizza Day (February 9th) was earlier in the month, you can celebrate this crowd favorite year-round with these cedar plank pizzas baked on your Memphis Grill.

Three-Bean Chili With Smoked Brisket

Celebrate National Chili Day in the best way with this warm three-bean chili with smoked brisket. It’s the perfect dish on a cold winter day.

Experience the Versatility of a Memphis Wood Pellet Grill

The Memphis Wood Pellet Grill makes preparing foods of all kinds easy and convenient for family dinners or entertaining. Experience the versatility of the Memphis Grill yourself by finding a local dealer or giving us a call at (866) 203-5607 today.