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Eat Well, Live Well – Even on the Go

While I was wrapping a work project, walking our dog, doing the laundry, and helping my son with his homework, I was also smoking my first rack of ribs. My son thought he’d died and gone to Heaven. In fact, he’s already planning a “Rib Fest” at our house for his buddies. It was so simple, why not? Today, I became a 12-year old’s hero. Thank you, Memphis!

~ Sarah

Eating Well When Time is Tight.

You live constantly on the run, but that doesn’t mean you’ve given up on good food.

And, with Memphis wood pellet grills, you don’t have to compromise truly outstanding flavor for the convenience of quick weeknight meals or catered dinner parties.

Perfectly Grilled Corn On Pellet Grill

Restaurant-Quality Food in Minutes – Even on a Monday.

Memphis has giving eating-in new meaning.

Now, you can easily execute lightning-fast dinners and slow-cooked, make-ahead meals to five-star perfection – from wood-fired pizza and smoked baby back ribs to backyard BBQ favorites, like roasted corn on the cob and glazed pork chops.

Easily, because Memphis offers set-it-and-forget-it ease with its one-touch Intelligent Temperature Control.

Just program your grill before you dash. That’s it. When your food is done, your Memphis will automatically reduce its setting to warm, ensuring your food is ready when you are.

Big flavor. Zero babysitting. What’s not to love?


Now, Entertaining is a Joy – Not a Chore.

Sure, you enjoy spending time with friends, but when life’s a circus and you’re the juggler, smoking or grilling for a crowd can be exhausting.


Simple: With a standard-issue outdoor grill, you spend more time attending to your food, than your guests. We’d argue that’s a dinner party proposition that’s far too light on the “party.”

Memphis is different – and it will change the way you entertain.

Not only can you count on your wood pellet grill to maintain a consistent temperature (more consistent than your home oven, in fact), you can also let go of the worry that you might overcook your food. And, that means you don’t have to stand around…watching and waiting.

So, go ahead, get caught up in a great story and lose track of time.

Whether you plan to impress your friends with grilled pizza, smoked ribs, or dynamite make-ahead appetizers, your Memphis multi-function grill, convection oven, and BBQ smoker will deliver the goods.

(Of course, this may mean your home becomes party central. Be ready, stock up.)


Wood Pellets: Big on Flavor and Convenience.

A life on-the-go demands convenience, and the fuel you need for our Memphis wood pellet grills is no exception.

The good news: 100% natural wood pellets have been gaining in popularity for a number of years and are locally available at a wide variety of retail locations. You’ll find them at kitchen supply stores and specialty shops across the United States – even online.

That makes infusing your food with wood-fired flavor a piece of cake (which you can actually bake on your Memphis, by the way).

Want to create warm, happy memories around your dinner table?

Memphis delivers big, asks little.



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