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May 15, 2013
Grilling isn't just for hamburgers and brats. With Memphis Grills top-of-the-line construction and technology, you can bake everything from pie to these fantastic and easy popovers.  Memphis Popovers Prep time:  Cook time: 30 minutes...
May 13, 2013
One of our favorite foodies just got his hands on a brand new Memphis Elite Grill. Can't wait to see what he cooks on it!   Check out Andrew's post here:
May 10, 2013
Please welcome chef Matt Hayes to the Memphis team. Over the next few months he'll be introducing some great recipes specifically geared for cooking on a Memphis Wood Fire Grill. We're excited to share them with you all!
May 2, 2013
We created these quick little blurbs about each grill in our line and thought we'd share them here. Memphis Elite Big, bold, and made in the USA, this wood fire grill is the ultimate addition to any outdoor kitchen. With a whopping 1252 sq. inches...
Apr 25, 2013
Check out this quick pic we snapped of Matt and Greg having a little fun in the back room at Memphis Grills headquarters. We're guessing you'll never need to set a 200 lb. roast on your side shelves, but now you know it's at least possible!
Apr 22, 2013
Via Philadelphia Metro: Home Improvement: Try these fun new appliances Outdoor cooking has progressed way beyond the hibachi. The Memphis wood pellet grill is a versatile cooker that can be used a grill, a smoker, or a convection oven. Home...
Apr 17, 2013
Shredded Pork Shoulder, otherwise known as Boston Butt, is the most flavorful, easy to make meal when prepared on the Memphis Wood Fire Grill. The precisely maintained low temperatures and slow smoke of the pork on the Memphis Grill allow for the...
Mar 21, 2012
Chef Ryan demonstrates how anyone can make award-winning pork ribs on the Memphis. The Memphis was used to barbecue the ribs that won 1st Place in the 2012 American Royal! Chef Ryan cooks up his version of exceptional low 'n' slow smoked ribs. At...
Mar 21, 2012
Chef Ryan demonstrates how to make the most tender, flavorful flank steak you'll ever have. Memphis Wood Fire Grill's wood pellet cooking and precise temperature control allows for more tender and juicy results. At Hearthland Products, LLC™ we build...
Mar 21, 2012
Gourmet Chef Ryan explains how to grill his mouth-watering chicken, wrapped in a salt-crusted dough with brown butter, rosemary and thyme glaze made on the Memphis Wood Fire Grill. The Memphis' exceptionally precise temperature control and...


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