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Memphis Customer Reviews

Our Memphis wood pellet grills are expertly designed and crafted to consistently deliver remarkable, mouth-watering flavor. Of course, we don’t expect you to take our word for it.

Instead, read these Memphis customer reviews:

Just wanted to send a message and let you know how appreciative I am for your excellent customer service and the amazing products you make. I've been grilling/smoking on grill's for only around 2 years but I've cooked more on my Memphis Grill than ever before. All in all, at least a dozen people I personally know have purchased a grill from your company partially from my interaction with them and my excitement about your grills and accessories. Anyways, I just wanted to say you've made me a customer for life!

Ryan S.

You guys build a great product, and I’ve been passing the word to my friends and acquaintances. All whom I have entertained are utterly impressed with the subtle infusion of flavor, and the ease of operation – you actually have to try to ruin food on this thing. As you can see, I’m hooked!

~ Walter T.

As a competitor at the 2013 American Royal, the largest BBQ Cooking Competition in the world, I was fortunate to cook a few briskets on the Memphis Elite. I had used a Memphis Pro in 2012 when another brand would not get hot enough to brown up a batch of Usinger brats. We prepared them in a simmering bath of beer, butter and onions, and the Memphis Pro did a super job cooking them. I observed how the Memphis Grill performed and it convinced me and my wife it would be our next pellet grill. This year, I was very happy to use the Elite for my briskets, both choice packers and weighing in at about 12.5# and the other a hefty 17.3#. They fit nicely on the grate with no overhang. I was assured by Memphis’ pros that the set temp and grate temps would be very comparable and stable across the grate, etc. The technical facts and numbers sounded impressive, but I knew the performance enhancements should be even better with a few years of new technology tossed in. I was not disappointed! I put the briskets on with the larger one to the left, fat caps down, points to the outside at 200°. I put my faith in Memphis Grills and went back to the hotel for some sleep. I returned about seven hours later and found both briskets cooking perfectly, the larger one about 5° cooler in the thickest part, and absolutely the same temps in the flats at opposite ends of the grate. I compared the Memphis’ meat probe reading vs. an external device and they were the same. In the end, both briskets were cooked perfectly. Thanks to the Memphis Elite Grill for a perfect cook! I will say the Memphis Wood Fire Grills impressed me the more than any other brand.

~ American Royal Competitor

I have owned over 10 grills, both gas and charcoal, but my Memphis Pro is the most versatile and of the highest quality of any of them. Everything I have put on the Memphis Pro comes out great the first time.

~ Walt R.

I am an avid cook who loves fresh grilled flavor. I recently grilled two chickens on the Memphis Wood Fire Grill – and they never turned out better! I preheated the grill to 500 degrees, prepared one chicken with a spicy rub and the other brushed with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. I seared the chickens for ten minutes on each side (gotta love that golden brown skin!) and then lowered the temperature to 350 degrees. I then cooked them for 45-50 minutes, removed them from the heat, and let them rest for fifteen minutes before carving. They turned out incredible! Crisp skin on the outside, juicy tender meat on the inside! Grilled With Ease to Perfection. Memphis Grills is the best grill I’ve seen!

~ Kevin Sharkey

I think I have died and gone to heaven! I used my Memphis Pro this weekend for the first time. I made two pizzas and a bunch of chicken that were better than I’ve cooked before. The pizza was identical to anything produced in a brick oven and the chicken was the most tender with the right hint of smoked flavor. What am I going to do with my gas grill? I do not know how I lived without my Memphis!

~ Proud Memphis Owner

Just wanted to send my most sincere thanks to the amazing contributing members of this site. I joined back in June/July timeframe when I began my search for a pellet grill. After countless hours of research and reading Bentley’s performance testing I chose the Memphis Advantage grill. I have been cooking on it daily in hopes that when our next competition came we would be better prepared. Myself and fellow team members Mark and Jason decided to attend the Harvard Fall Festival BBQ championships Sept 17-18 in Harvard, MA. We competed in all five categories. There were 58 teams and our pulled pork won 1st place for the people's choice. We also got called for chicken, placing 3rd overall. Part of our chicken flavor profile was a rub from Denny Mikes, so a special thanks to Denny for his generosity is sending the Beantown Smokers a sample box. And we rounded it out with a strong 7th in Kcbs pulled pork. I will post some pictures when they are sent to me later today. The Memphis grill took a lot of people by surprise. All hail the Pelletheads!

~ Ctown and the Beantown Smokers (Posted on Pelletheads.com)

Thank you to the entire team at Memphis grills. You have continued to go above and beyond, often outside the limits of your expressed written obligations and I have to say it is greatly appreciated. I can assure you that I will own a Memphis until I am gone and my children will hopefully be wise enough to purchase one.

~ Justin H.

At 57, I’ve just discovered pellet grilling and purchased one of your Memphis grills. It has given our little family so much delicious food, not to mention fun! This morning was my pleasure to clean and polish up the stainless steel on my Elite, and while this might be a drudge for our indoor appliances, there is something pretty unique for me when doing the same thing to my Elite….kinda spiritual maybe. I sold my other grill on Craigslist and have never looked back. The temperature control is just incredible. Tomorrow I’m going to smoke Cashews for a dip recipe that I just saw. Too much fun!

~ Jeff W.

Memphis Grills are incredible! I have had mine for three or so years and Greg has gone above and beyond to answer or solve any question or concerns I may have had. If you are looking to purchase a pellet grill…look no further! Thanks Greg for the great experience and phenomenal customer service!

~Tyffanie Goff Thiel

Thanksgiving is the one day a year I try to cook everything inside because of the wonderful aromas being part of the atmosphere. However, because my wall oven is just a single unit, I fire up the Memphis Grill and use it for “overflow” on baking rolls, casseroles, stuffing and all the things that have to be warmed up at the last minute. One oven isn’t enough!

~ Proud Memphis Owner

The smoker was delivered yesterday. I ran to the market and bought eight 1-3/4″ prime rib steaks, fresh corn, and potatoes. You really are going to help a lot of human beings have a better life with the Memphis Smoker! I do not exaggerate when I say it probably was the best steak in my life. Unbelievably juicy along with unbelievably good taste. Like remembering the flavor of a good bottle of wine the next day, I am remembering the taste of that steak right now. Absolutely evenly cooked, pink throughout. I am now a believer.

~ Mike

Received my grill, “Wow!” I had high expectations but the product surpassed them. It’s obvious this grill was made with pride. A sincere thank you to all Hearthland employees for sending me such a wonderful grill. I am confident I will get many years of outstanding service from it.

~ B.K. Emerson

I really love my new Memphis grill! We’ve been grilling out 3-4 days a week since we bought it and I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever tasted a steak any better than what I’m cooking on this grill! It’s the best grill I’ve ever owned or used. I’ve been researching pellet grills over the last couple of years because they have the best flavors, and I’m now very glad I waited to purchase one. I’m sure I wouldn’t be as happy with a Mak, Traeger, Louisiana, a Green Mountain grill – or even a Green Egg. I really love the fact that I can smoke at lower temps, as well as fire it and sear a juicy steak the way it should be done. The temperature control makes the grill so easy to run! It was so easy to cook a steak to absolute perfection (in my humble opinion anyway). Now my only problem is not gaining an extra 20lbs this summer. I want to make sure to thank you and Heartland Products for bringing this grill to market. I really hope you kick some serious “pork-butt” as you should with this product line!

~ Mark S.

Thank you for the wonderful service in shipping the Memphis Pro to my son that I purchased through Ironstone in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The grill arrived on time in Virginia Beach. He has enjoyed the grill immensely and only wishes he was home more to be able to cook on the Memphis. Vince also commented that the quality of build in the Memphis Pro is some of the best he has seen and the way it was designed for shipping and assembly ‘is genius’. Thank you for a great product.

Jim C.

The rumors are all true – you guys back your product fully and provide one of the best customer services I’ve come across.

~ Proud Memphis Owner

There are 3-4 of us in the group locally with the Pro – not only do we all swear by the Pro’s capabilities, on the odd occasion when there has been a problem, the customer service response has been immediate and excellent – good job to Hearthland.

~Tom M.

I contacted Bob B., General Manager at Hearthland, to see about a Chicago area dealer. Even though the Memphis Pro owners that I know love their grills, I wanted to touch and feel one for myself. I expected to be impressed by the grill, but in person it exceeded my expectations! This thing is built like a tank! Just the size of the rods used to make the grates is impressive.

~ Ron L.

Thank you for your assistance in registering our new Memphis Grill. We are thrilled with its quality and performance. You should also advertise its quietness, efficiency, and quickness to get to a high heat. It went up to 650F in minutes and did the best steaks we’ve had anywhere. Well worth the money.

~ John W.

Wood fire grills are the tool of choice for serious BBQ enthusiasts. The Memphis Pro brings the convenience of traditional gas grill to the incredible flavor available using wood fired cooking. With the touch of a button, my guests think I’m an outdoor gourmet. Let’s keep the truth a secret. The Memphis Pro is incredible!

~ Brian L.

This past summer, a Traeger-loving friend recommended we look at a Memphis Grill as we were planning our outdoor kitchen. We love our Memphis Grill and have already smoked a huge farm chicken, several racks of ribs, steaks, burgers, pork chops, lamb chops, and even pizzas! We’ll be smoking a big turkey on it for Thanksgiving. The kitchen is currently under construction, but we can use the Memphis in the meantime and we are so pleased with our purchase.

~ Lynne and Craig M.

We have chicken breasts most likely more often than most folks, and we cook them all on the Memphis Pro. Every last one we have had has been unbelievably moist, tender, and exactly the way you would want them. Honestly, I don’t think we’ve ever had better in any restaurant, and normally, not nearly as good. Betty and I were talking about this after dinner last night remarking that this is the first time with a BBQ that we could invite somebody over and know that what we cooked would not just be passable, but fantastic! I don’t think we could make the same comment for either of our convection ovens in our kitchen!

~ B. Ritchie