Winter Grilling

Winter Grilling With Memphis

WINTER GRILLINGIf you live in the northern states you know it can be easy to let the cabin fever sink in during the long last half of winter. Days are short and the wind is cold – time to hibernate, right?  We say, fight it! If you are missing grilling on the patio in those warm days of August, what’s stopping you from reliving them? With a Memphis Wood Fire Grill, a little winter chill isn’t going to slow you down. Our most popular models come with a double-walled hood, all-weather gasket, and enough firepower to easily combat below-zero weather. After all, nothing brings to mind the lazy days of summer like the taste of food cooked over an open fire.

A few tips to help you get started:

– Clear off your grill, making sure the intake vents are free of any ice or snow as well as the gap between the grill body and pellet hopper. It’s a good idea to keep your grilling area free of snow in general, since it melts when the heat gets high and forms icy patches when you’re done.

– Make sure you have enough pellets on hand! While the grill will have no problem getting up to max heat in the cold, it will most likely consume more fuel. Be prepared so you don’t run out mid-smoke.

– Do a little thinking ahead and have your sauces, basting mops, tongs and meat tending tools ready so that you can minimize the times you open the hood and keep that heat in.

– Dress appropriately, as always avoid long scarves or loose cuffs when cooking, and stay warm!  Even if you are just running out to flip a burger before ducking back inside, nothing kills the appetite like a little frostbite

Winter grilling is a great way to get outside and enjoy the flavors you love.  So dig out those choppers, pour in some pellets, and put the beverages in a snowbank to chill.

Happy grilling!