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Jun 18, 2013
It's no secret that the flavor from 100% natural wood pellets makes everything cooked on a Memphis grill taste better. Here's how they work:
Jun 13, 2013
From our friends at Admit it, your favorite part of pulled pork is the bark, the deep dark, rich, sweet, chewy, crusty, jerky-like rind suffused with incredible complex flavor. Admit it, when you're pulling the pork apart, and...
Jun 11, 2013
A very smart list about common steak cooking myths. From Serious Eats: Myth #4: "Only flip your steak once!" The Theory: EVERYBODY says this one, and they say it not just for steaks, but for burgers, lamb chops, pork chops, chicken breasts, you...
May 31, 2013
For obvious reasons, we've been singing the praises of cooking over wood fire for as long as Memphis Grills has been in existence. It's glad to see major publications like The New York Times pick up on it. Returning Wood to the Cooking Fire Forget...
May 31, 2013
Nothing beats the flavor of a pizza cooked in a wood-fire oven (or a Memphis Grill if you're one of the lucky ones!). Ingredients: 1 ½ cup of cubed chicken1 cup of sauce (mix ½ cup of red tomato sauce and ½ cup BBQ Sauce)1/3 cup red onion1 cup of...
May 21, 2013
1. Taste. Unless you count starter fluid as a “flavor,” charcoal has one flavor and gas has none. Wood fire (and the subsequent smoke) has a flavor that can’t be beat. At Memphis Grills, we have eight different varieties of 100% hardwood...
May 21, 2013
We received some nice little pub over the weekend and wanted to share with y'all: 20 Essentials for Summer Entertaining Instead of using traditional fossil fuels like charcoal or gas, consider a grill that uses 100 percent natural wood pellets....
May 15, 2013
Grilling isn't just for hamburgers and brats. With Memphis Grills top-of-the-line construction and technology, you can bake everything from pie to these fantastic and easy popovers.  Memphis Popovers Prep time:  Cook time: 30 minutes...
May 13, 2013
One of our favorite foodies just got his hands on a brand new Memphis Elite Grill. Can't wait to see what he cooks on it!   Check out Andrew's post here:
May 10, 2013
Please welcome chef Matt Hayes to the Memphis team. Over the next few months he'll be introducing some great recipes specifically geared for cooking on a Memphis Wood Fire Grill. We're excited to share them with you all!


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