How to Use the Direct Flame Insert

The Direct Flame Insert takes grilling to the next level with the ability to grill over high heat and an open flame! Each Memphis grill comes standard with the Direct Flame Insert (optional with the Beale Street), allowing you to sear over an intense flame unmatched by other grills! The video and instructions below explain how to use the Direct Flame Insert.


  1. Before you begin your cook, be sure the grill is plugged in, the pellet hopper is full, and the burn pot is clean.
  2. To check the burn pot, use the Genie Tool to remove the middle grill grates and the Indirect Insert/Savorizer. Remove any debris from the burn pot.
  3. Replace the grill grates, close the hood and start the grill--set it at 400 degrees and let it reach that set temp. Preheating the grill creates a good ember bed and a better sear.
  4. Once the grill reaches 400 degrees, scroll up to the grill's highest temperature.
  5. When the grill reaches the highest temperature (varies by grill), take your finger off the "up " arrow and then hit it again to go into Direct Flame Mode. In the Direct Flame Settings, choose Max or High (depending on grill model) when you want a quick sear. If you want a sear, but not a burn, choose the Minimum or Medium setting.
  6. Remove the Indirect Insert from the Savorizer and place it in a safe place because it will be HOT.
  7. Replace the Indirect Insert with the Direct Flame Insert and return the grates to the grill. Now you are ready to cook over an open flame.
  8. Reminders: 1. When cooking with the Direct Flame Insert, always cook with the grill hood open. 2. In the Direct Flame Mode the temperature sensor is bypassed so you are not cooking at a set temp--the setting should be on Low, Medium, Max or Xtreme.
  9. Once you have finished cooking, turn off the grill, close the hood and let the grill go through its cool down mode.
  10. When the cool down mode is complete, unplug the grill.