How to Use the Diagnostic Mode on Your ITC 3 Grill

An exclusive feature of a Memphis ITC 3 grill is the Diagnostic Mode, which can help indicate if a function of the grill is not working properly. If your grill is connected to Wi-Fi, Memphis Wood Fire Grills has the ability to see, through the Cloud, how your grill is performing, how each function is operating, and ultimately troubleshoot any abnormalities. But you, as the grill owner, can also use this tool to do some diagnosis on your own. If you suspect there's an issue with your grill, use the Diagnostic Mode to test the grill's components and potentially troubleshoot a solution.


  1. From the home screen of the grill's display/controller, click on "Start Grilling." Then click on the "Settings" gear and the Diagnostics tab in the sub-menu.
  2. The sub-menu will bring up a list of the various functions of the grill.
  3. To check the operation of all functions, select "Full Test" and the grill will run a diagnostic of each item on the list and indicate if it passes.
  4. To test a single function, click on the individual item and let the Diagnostic Mode run the test--it will indicate if it passes, etc.
  5. A few of the items on the list require a manual test; for example, to test the grill lights, simply open the hood, see if the lights are working, and press "pass." To check the LED Auxiliary Fan, listen to see if the fan is working and then press "pass."
  6. For the "push button" diagnostic, press the push start button 5 times to see if it passes.
  7. The Diagnostics Mode provides a valuable tool and indicator in determining if a grill function is working properly, and assists in the overall troubleshooting process.