How to Check the Auger System and Replace the Auger Motor on Your Memphis ITC 3 Grill

If you are experiencing temperature control issues, temperature related issues, or general malfunction of your Memphis ITC3 grill, you can use the Diagnostic Mode and a few simple steps to check the grill's auger system, determine if there is a need for a new auger motor, and then replace the old motor with a new one. The auger system manages the fuel for the grill so is a key factor in grill operation.

Tools Needed

  • Screwdriver


  1. For temperature control issues with your grill, start with the Diagnostic Mode to test the auger system. At the display, select "Start Grilling" and once at the home screen, select "Settings," "Diagnostics," and then "Auger Test." The Auger test is at the top of the list of functions listed in the Diagnostic Mode. Once you press "Auger Test," the grill will initiate and test the auger motor.
  2. If the hopper has pellets in it, you should hear the pellets start to drop and the screen will indicate "pass" for this function.
  3. If you do not hear pellets dropping, continue the inspection process by going through the following steps to determine if the auger system is is malfunctioning or if there is another issue.
  4. Pellets: Check to make sure both sides (left and right) of the pellet hopper are full and the pellets are clean and dry. If the pellets have expanded or there is dust in the hopper, these are signs that water has entered and you should vacuum out the old pellets and replace with new ones.
  5. Auger Pins: Go to the back of the grill and remove the back panel. To the left of the auger motor is a cotter pin hanging from a shear pin. (If the auger motor gets locked up with pellets for some reason, the shear pin is designed to protect the auger motor and absorb the damage instead of the auger motor.) If you do not see the cotter pin, that indicates that something is preventing the auger from functioning correctly and a replacement pin is needed. You will need to proceed with the inspection process to determine why the pin is not functioning.
  6. Pellet Shoot/Ramp: Use a screwdriver to remove the screws of the pellet shoot/ramp. If the grill is working properly, the pellets will fall down the ramp into the burn pot. If the pellets are not falling and there is a jam, you will need to find out where the jam is. If you see pellets stuck there, loosen them and remove with a vacuum.
  7. Hopper: Make sure the power to the grill is turned off and open the hopper lid. Remove the finger guard screws located at each end of the hopper and lift off the finger guard. Next, remove the two furthest out screws next to the pellet ramp and remove the hopper divider. Removing these pieces will allow you to view the entire auger system and see if there are any loose pellets, etc.
  8. Auger Motor: If you still have not determined the issue, remove the auger shear pin, pull off the auger motor and turn the auger to see if it turns freely without obstruction. If the auger turns freely and it's determined the auger motor needs to be replaced, make sure the power is turned off and remove the shear pin, follow the auger wiring through the harness to the logic board, disconnect the wire and remove the old auger motor. To install the new auger motor, you may need to rotate the auger to line up the holes for reconnection. Put the shear pin back in, pull the cotter pin back through, run the wire through to the logic board, and plug in. Put the pellet ramp/shoot back on, tighten the screws, put the hopper divider back in and the finger guard back on and close the hopper lid. Put the pellet shoot back on, angling is slightly upward to properly fit, and tighten the screws.