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Gas Grill Temperatures (a handy recipe conversion chart)

Let’s say you just found the PERFECT recipe online, but it’s designed for an old-school gas grill. How does one translate one type of grill setting to another?

With gas grills, you don’t know what the temps are until they register on the thermometer on the hood (if yours even has that feature), and the setting to get any given temp can vary widely dependent on ambient conditions and the grill manufacturer. Further, Low, Medium, and High, are very subjective and many a good meal has been ruined by inconsistent results.

So, how do you convert the gas grill temps to work on a much more accurate wood fire grill? Let us help:

Low = 200 – 300 degrees

Med = 300 – 400 degrees

High = 400 – 500 degrees

We give a range because every gas grill is different, but you’re usually safe picking the middle temp – 250 for low, 350 for medium, and 450 for high.

And of course, Memphis Wood Fire Grills can go even hotter than the best gas grill (especially with our Direct Flame capability), so if you need extra sear on your steak or that extra crispy pizza crust, you’re in great hands with a Memphis.