Super Bowl Party Foods from the Grill


The Super Bowl this year brings us a coastal showdown as the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks face off on February 1st.  But just because there is tension on the playing field, doesn’t mean there can’t be harmony on the grill. And as anyone who loves a game day party knows, the food might be as important as the score.

While the two corners of the country have some distinct flavors and favorites, featuring lots of light seafood flavors, they also complement each other beautifully. Here are our top ten recipes using fantastic ingredients from each coast to give your game day grilling a special playoff spin!

New England cuisine brings to mind Maine lobster, clam cakes, and the delicious flavors of maple syrup and blueberries (for tips on how to convert a gas grill temperature setting to a wood pellet grill temperature, please see bottom of the page).

Grilled Lobster with Nectarine Lime Sauce

Baltimore Grilled Crab Cakes

Crab Potato Skins

Or if seafood is not your favorite, here is a subtler tribute to the east coast in a delicious Blueberry Bourbon Barbecue Sauce:

Meanwhile, Seattle brings a wilder flavor to the table with salmon, halibut, and mushrooms:

Grilled Salmon Sliders with Chipotle Mayo:

Halibut Kabobs with Lemon Basil Butter:

For the non fish crowd, Blue Cheese filled, Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms:

And for our final touchdown, we give you a bonus recipe with combined regional flavors from BOTH coasts

Smoked Maple Salmon Nuggets

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