Grill Safety 101: Grill Placement & Fire Safety

Grilling In The Fall On A Memphis

No matter what season it is, grill fires happen. According to the National Fire Protection Association, around 10,200 home fires involve grills each year. To avoid the worst-case scenario, it’s critical to understand proper grill placement and some basic fire safety tips.

Grilling In The Fall On A MemphisWhere You Place Your Wood Pellet Grill Matters

You shouldn’t place your wood pellet grill just anywhere in your yard. To avoid fire and damage to your grill, here are some placement tips to remember:

  • Give your grill a good foundation. Your grill should have a firm foundation such as a concrete or brick slab. Make sure it isn’t placed directly on grass or other organic material. If sparks fly, this material could ignite.
  • Ensure your grill has space. Don’t place your grill right next to your home or any other structures such as porches. A good rule of thumb is to place your grill 10-12 feet away from any structure on your property.
  • Watch out for trees. Tree branches and other low-hanging vegetation around your grill can catch fire. Don’t place your grill directly under limbs and check the clearance specifications in your grill manual. A good rule of thumb is to allow 30” from the top of the grill to any combustible material above.
  • Make sure you can see your grill. Sure, you can set your wood pellet grill and let it do the heavy lifting, but make sure you can still see the grill if you’re inside.
  • Consider environmental factors. Place your grill in an area that doesn’t receive direct sunlight or a heavy breeze.

Basic Fire Safety Tips to Know While Using Your Grill

Fires can occur at any time. As you spend time cooking that delicious meal for your family, keep these fire safety tips in mind:

  • Clean your wood pellet grill regularly. Make sure you remove build-up such as grease from your grill regularly. Excess build-up can ignite if not removed. Clean your grill at least every few months of regular use.  Click here to watch our grill cleaning video.
  • Make sure you have access to a fire extinguisher. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby just in case a fire should occur.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing. Don’t wear loose clothing while working over a grill. If you wear an apron, make sure the strings are tight and positioned on your back.

Reach Out to the Grill Safety Experts at Memphis Grills

Memphis wood pellet grills are different than typical pellet grills, allowing you to sear over an open flame. While using your Memphis or any other grill, it’s important to stay alert. To learn more about grill safety or for more information about our wood pellet grills, reach out to a Memphis dealer or contact us today.