How to Clean and Maintain Your ITC 3 Grill

To keep your Memphis ITC 3 grill working properly and at peak performance, it's important that you clean it after every few cooks and practice regular maintenance. This video walks you through the steps to remove ash and debris from the grates, Savorizer, burn pot and other interior parts of the grill.

Tools Needed

  • Genie Tool
  • Scraper Kit
  • Vacuum


  1. To best clean and scrape the grill's interior, we recommend using our 3-piece Scraper Kit, which includes two brass scrapers that gently remove ash and debris from grates and other grill interior parts.
  2. Open the hood of the grill and use the Genie Tool to lift and remove the two center grates, then set aside.
  3. Use a scraper to scrape debris, carbon and ash from the Savorizer and the interior sides and walls of the grill. Push the debris to the sides/edges of the grill to fall into the ash trays below.
  4. Use the Genie Tool to remove the Savorizer and set aside.
  5. Scrape debris from the pellet ramp, which connects to the central burn pot. Push debris away from the burn pot and to the sides of the grill, ultimately falling into the ash trays below. You should do this after every few cooks to keep the burn pot area clean.
  6. Using the other end of the Genie Tool, grab and lift the burn pot out of its position, dump the debris and set aside.
  7. Remove the collar, which houses the burn pot, and then vacuum out all of the ash and debris inside and around the burn pot.
  8. Return the collar and burn pot back to their positions.
  9. Using the scrapers, scrape any remaining debris from the interior walls of the grill.
  10. Use the Genie Tool to return the Savorizer to its location.
  11. Use a cloth with soap and water to wipe off the RTD near the back inside of the grill. The RTD detects the grill temperature, so it should be clean and free of debris.
  12. Pull out the ash drawers/trays and empty.
  13. If you have gone through these cleaning steps and experience any issues with the grill, refer to our Diagnostics video or contact our Tech Support team at 888-883-2260.