Long Smokes

Two Pork Shoulders on a Memphis Grill

Good things come to those who wait… and those who have a Memphis Grill. We’re referring to the elusive and esteemed method of smoking, which, before the Memphis, was a painstakingly intricate process requiring a grill master with the utmost patience.

History and science

Smoking meat is a technique as old as mankind and one that spans the globe. Often thought of as having American roots, references to smoking meat have been found in Africa, Europe, South America, Asia, and in Native American history. The efficacy of smoking is in its ability to dry and preserve meats for year-round consumption, and its ability to transform the toughest cuts of meats into tender and juicy delicacies.The flavors associated with smoking come from the prolonged, low cooking temperature which breaks down the connective tissue, allowing the fats to absorb into the meat. Most sought after is the char or bark on the outside of a smoked brisket or pork which has been smothered in smoke for the entire cooking time and thus contains the bulk of the smoky taste.

It’s easy on the Memphis Grill

Not much has changed since the inception of smoking meats. “Low and slow” is still the only way to guarantee a juicy pork shoulder or tender brisket, but smoking on a Memphis means all you have to do is “set it and forget it.” Charcoal and gas grills require intricate preparation and constant surveillance to ensure there is enough wood to maintain the correct temperature, but Memphis Wood Fire Grills’ Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) makes it easy to smoke. Simply fill the hopper with your choice of pellets (Nature’s Way, our house brand, has 8 varieties to choose from), set the cooking temperature, insert your ITC meat probe and come back when it’s ready. The cooking temperature and meat temperature can be monitored in the Memphis Wood Fire Grills app, available on iPhone or Android.

Time and Temperature

The temperature range optimal for smoking on the Memphis is 180-295 degrees Fahrenheit, although cooking time and internal temperature vary for each type and cut of meat being smoked on a Memphis. Here’s a handy chart to make your next smoke even easier: