Add BBQ to your Healthy Eating Arsenal

Honey Mustard Chicken Grilled on Pellet Grill

Enjoying the delicious taste of BBQ doesn’t have to be a deterrent to weight-loss or making healthy food choices. The days of chastising yourself after a weekend of BBQ are a thing of the past. A Memphis Wood Fire Grill offers new and exciting options to the BBQ aficionado interested in eating healthy. It truly can be the best of both worlds. Cooking on a Memphis pellet grill is like having your cake and eating it too!

There’s more to a barbecue than searing steaks and flipping burgers …

The meat lovers among us know all too well the mouth-watering response to a well-grilled steak. But there’s more to a barbecue than searing steaks and flipping burgers. A Memphis pellet grill provides three distinct cooking methods in one appliance. Under the lid you’ll find a low-and-slow smoker, a searing hot wood fire grill, and a high-end convection oven. With this kind of versatility, the world is your oyster!

Honey-Mustard-Chicken-WebDieters can choose leaner types of beef and pork and employ a variety of marinades or even accompanying sauces to accentuate flavors. Pork tenderloin cuts lend themselves perfectly to grilling or roasting in the convection oven. The convection feature means roasting and baking traditional kitchen fare can be accomplished outdoors. In the beef category, choosing a Top Round or Bottom round can make an ideal base for a tasty stew. Prep the dish as you would indoors in your favorite stewing pot, turn the temperature up to its desired setting and let the convection mode take over while you catch some rays.

Veggie Magic

Grilled vegetables always compliment a dish nicely or can even make a total meal all by themselves. Vegetables rich in anti-oxidants that can go directly on the grill include red bell peppers, onions, corn and eggplant. Broccoli, cauliflower, parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts can always be seasoned, sprinkled with good quality olive oil and roasted on a foil covered cookie sheet inside the closed grill.

Perfect Seafood

Working with seafood of all types can satisfy both the dieter and the healthy eater. Dark meat fish like salmon and tuna provide essential proteins that are lean in nature with the added bonus of fats that are healthy. Lobster, flounder and tilapia are also lean and hard to resist. All this seafood can be cooked with great results using any of the three Memphis cooking methods.

Low-carb, Ketogenic and Paleo Friendly

Low carbohydrate dieters and advocates of the Paleo diet will find the Memphis grill a great medium to handle their proteins and their love for barbecue. The bad rap often associated with barbecue is no longer spoiling the experience of backyard cooks. Innovative design features have made the Memphis pellet grill the go-to unit for healthy eaters who love to barbecue.