Robb Report: 10 Grills & Ovens for Epic Labor Day Feasts

Robb Report

The Memphis Elite has been listed by The Robb Report as one of the best grills suited for ‘epic feasting’. About Memphis Grills, Larry Olmsted writes,

““Low and slow” is the mantra of any barbeque maven who smokes ribs and brisket. Pellet smokers achieve this effortlessly and precisely using real wood, and the Memphis Elite by Memphis Wood Fire Grills is the best. Available as a built-in or a stand-alone unit, the nearly $5,000 barbecue has an innovative all-in-one design crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel and features dual pellet hoppers to mix various types of wood, a computer-controlled thermostat, dual convection fans for roasting or baking, and a Wi-Fi remote control. The Memphis Elite can also sear at more than 700 degrees, and is one of the only pellet smokers that can grill as well.”

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