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WiFi Setup: Step-by-step Instructions

Wi-Fi Setup Instructions

On Your Grill Controller:

  1. Power the grill ON by pressing the top left “power” button on the controller.
  2. From the home screen, press the “MENU” button in the lower left corner.
  3. Press the down arrow below the word “NEXT”.
  4. Press the “WIFI” button.
  5. Turn on the WiFi by pressing the button on the lower left, “TURN ON WIFI”
  6. Next, press the “SETUP” button on the upper right side. The grill will broadcast a WiFi signal to nearby devices. Once the STATUS field displays “CONNECTING”, go to your iPhone or Android to continue setup.

On Your Phone or Tablet:

  1. Find your available WiFi networks on your phone or tablet and select the network “Memphis Grills XX:XX” (The XX:XX characters will match the last 4 digits shown on the grill controller next to the MAC ID)
  2. Once selected, the grills network will automatically bring you to a page where you will connect your grill to your WiFi network. Search for all networks in range by pressing “Search”. All networks in range are displayed. Click on the network desired and it will auto populate the “SSID” field with your selection (SSID is your network name. Please note that the box to the right of your home network will display a negative number. That number is WiFi signal strength at the grill. The closer the number is to -100, the worse the signal and the closer to 0, the better it is). Enter your network’s password if you have one (For successful connection, your home network password cannot contain non-alphanumeric characters such as: #$&). If the network does not require a password, leave the password field blank.

Note: If the provisioning page does not automatically populate when you select Memphis Grills on your WiFi settings page on your device, you will need to manually open any browser and enter the URL . Wait 15 seconds or so after clicking on the Memphis Grills WiFi to see if the provisioning page appears. The provisions page will then appear, and you will be able to search for your home network. Select your home network and enter the password.

  1. Click “CONNECT” and the page will automatically close. This will sometimes give an “error” that says the page cannot be reached, but this is completely normal. Please return to the controller screen on the grill, it should not say “CONNECTED”.
  2. The WiFi setup is now complete. The status field in the grill’s WiFi menu should now read “WIFI CONNECTED”. NOTE: The time from hitting “NOT CONNECTED” to “WIFI CONNECTED” can take up to 3 minutes based on connection strength.

In the Memphis Grills App:

  1. Download our Memphis Grills App from the IOS App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Enter a valid e-mail into the “Customer ID” field and create a password that you will use to login to the app. After logging in, you will receive an e-mail requiring you to confirm that e-mail address before continuing.
  3. Once the confirmation link is followed from your e-mail, return to the App.
  4. Once confirmed, login to the App again and add your grill. Enter the grill’s MAC Address and Name shown on the grill controller. Please note that the grill’s nickname will automatically be MEMPHIS, and can be changed after the initial setup.

Example: MAC: F8:F0:05:F4:A8:12 NAME: MEMPHIS

Note that MAC Address only contains numerical 0, 5, and 1’s, and will not contain alphabetical O, S, and I’s. Grill nickname is not case sensitive. Please include colons in the MAC Address as shown.


When troubleshooting, first ensure that you are running the most current firmware versions.

To check this from your Grill Controller:

Power the grill ON pressing the top left “Power” button on the controller.

  1. From the home screen press the “MENU” button in the lower left corner.
  2. Press the “SOFTWARE” button.
  3. Check that you have the most current Grill and Wi-Fi Firmware—this should appear:

GRILL FW 3.0.4

WIFI FW 1.94

If you are not up to date on either of the firmware, please contact us via our support form with the subject line “Grill Update,” “WiFi Update,” or “Full Update”.

In the case that you are having troubles connecting to WiFi after following the steps above, you can access the WiFi card and the WiFi Indicator Light to help you as you continue troubleshooting. Accessing these components will vary by grill type as stated below:
(Pro and Elite models) Remove the back panel of the grill by using a Philips head screwdriver to

unscrew the two screws that hold on the top back panel. Set the screws in a secure location and lift the back of the grill off.

(Advantage model) Remove the front panel of the grill—the one covering the controller—by using

a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the four screws that hold it onto the grill; There will be two screws on each side of the grill (four total). Set the screws in a secure location and remove the front panel of the grill.

WiFi Indicator Light Color Key:

 Solid Green and Blinking Every Few Seconds: Wi-fi is connected to a network, no other work is required.

Continuous Blinking Green: The Grill is trying to reconnect to a network that it has previously been connected to. Press the button labeled “reset” on the WiFi card. This should then turn the light on the wi-fi card solid red and then it can go into setup mode (blinking blue). You may have to do the following:

  1. Go to the WiFi screen on the ITC and turn off the grill’s WiFi by pressing the “OFF” button on the lower left.
  2. Unplug power to the grill without turning the grill off.
  3. Leave the grill unplugged for at least 30 seconds, then plug the grill back in.
  4. Turn the grill on, go to the WiFi screen, turn the WiFi on, and press “SETUP” immediately.
  5. You can now refer to WiFi Setup in the Quick Start Guide or follow the steps above to finish setting up the WiFi.

Solid Red: Grill is not connected to WiFi. Go to the WiFi menu on the grill controller, and then turn on WiFi. Immediately after, press the “SETUP” button and follow the WiFi setup procedure as stated in our QuickStart Guides.

Blinking Blue: Grill is transmitting the Memphis Grill WiFi signal. Go to your phone’s WiFi connections and look to see if the Memphis Grill WiFi network is available. It should appear for example as: “Memphis Grill XX:XX” (the XX:XX digits are unique to your grill’s WiFi card and are also the last four digits of the MAC ID address, which can be found on the ITC).

Solid Blue: This indicates you have clicked on the Memphis Grill WiFi, and the grill is now awaiting input of your SSID (home network name) and password (network’s password). For successful connection, your home network password cannot contain non-alphanumeric characters such as: #$&. If when you clicked the “Memphis Grill WiFi”, the provisioning page did not automatically appear you should go to your phone’s web browser and type in the URL bar “www.wificonfig.com”. This should then pull up the provisioning page.

Red and Blue Blinking: This indicates that you have tried to update your WiFi card’s firmware and there were no files found on the USB. Please ensure that there are the correct files (firmware.bin) on the USB. To do so, plug the USB into the USB port on your computer, and open the drive file from your desktop.

If the files are present and the card will not accept the USB, please contact customer support for a preloaded USB with the correct WiFi firmware on it.

Blinking White: This indicates that the WiFi card is awaiting input of a USB into the USB port located on the WiFi card.

Solid Yellow: This indicates that the files from the USB are being uploaded to the WiFi card. After these files are uploaded, the light should turn to either green or red.

No Light: This indicates that there is no power to the WiFi card. Please ensure that the Ethernet cable is plugged in to both the WiFi card and the ITC (controller). If the Ethernet cable is plugged in to both components then the grill may not be receiving power, the Ethernet cable may be damaged, or the WiFi card may be damaged. Please contact technical support for assistance.