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Wi-Fi Setup

If you need assistance setting up the Wi-Fi on your new Memphis Wood Fire Grill, here’s a video to help.

Wi-Fi Setup Instructions

Andriod Users: If the provisioning page does not automatically populate when you select Memphis Grills on your WiFi settings on your device, you will need to open any browser and enter URL www.wificonfig.com

The provisions page will appear and you will be able to search for your home network, select it and enter the password for your network.

If you are having difficulty connecting your grill to your home network, please do the following:

First, check that your Ethernet cord is plugged in. The Ethernet cable is a standard Cat 5 cable and is grey. The Ethernet Cable should be connected from the controller to the WiFi card inside the grill.

Next, please check the router security protocols. The Memphis Grill WiFi system is only compatible with the following network security protocols: WPA/WPA2 Personal, TLS, & SSL.

Last, ensure that the antenna is attached to the grill. The antenna will come inside the hardware kit and will be found in a small bag along with the bolts and other smaller grill parts. The antenna is about two inches long and is black. For the Elite and Pro models, the antenna should be installed on the upper left side of the grill. On the Advantage models, the antenna should be installed on the lower left side of the grill near the controller.

If you are still having trouble connecting, please see our WiFi Setup Guide.