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Contact Us: Your local dealer should be able to answer most of your questions. However, feel free to contact us directly with questions or comments by submitting the following information.

For Memphis Grill owners who have questions relating to their grill, please include the model number and 4 digit serial number for us to better assist. This information can be found underneath the hopper lid.

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Model Part Number Serial Number Start Serial Number Ending Manual Number Download
General Owner’s Manual  5000  Active Memphis Owners Guide
Pro Cart Manual VG0001S  5000  Active Pro Cart Manual
Pro Quick Start Guide VG0001S  5000  Active Pro Cart Quick Start
Elite Cart Manual VG0002S  5000  Active Elite Cart Manual
Elite Cart Quick Start Guide VGB0002S  5000  Active Elite Cart Quick Start
Advantage Manual VG0050S4  5000  Active Advantage Manual
Advantage Quick Start Guide VG0050S4  5000  Active Advantage Quick Start
Pro Built-In Manual VGB0001S  5000  Active Pro Built-In Manual 
Elite Built-In Manual VGB0002S  5000  Active Elite Built-In Manual
2015 Models & Earlier
Memphis Pro Built-In 304 SS VGB0001S 3400 Active VG0974_E2
Memphis Elite Cart 304 SS VG0002S 1496 Active VG0975_A
Memphis Elite Built-In 304 SS VGB0002S 1498 1533 VG0969_A
Memphis Elite Built-In 304 SS VGB0002S 1534 3399 VG0969_B
Memphis Elite Built-In 304 SS VGB0002S 3400 Active VG0969_B1
Memphis Pro Cart 304 SS VG0001S 1397 1466 VG0971_D1
Memphis Pro Cart 304 SS VG0001S 1467 Active VG0971_D1
Memphis Pro Cart 430 SS VG0001S4 1501 2290 VG0971_C5
Memphis Pro Cart 430 SS VG0001S4 2300 2628 VG0971_D
Memphis Pro Cart 430 SS VG0001S4 2629 Active VG0971_D
Memphis Pro Built-In 304 SS VGB0001S 1098 1134 VG0974_D
Memphis Pro Built-In 304 SS VGB0001S 1135 1204 VG0974_E
Memphis Pro Built-In 430 SS VGB0001S4 1501 1675 VG0974_C2
Memphis Advantage VG0050S4 1501 1790 VG0972_C1
Memphis Advantage VG0050S4 1797 1967 VG0972_D
Memphis Advantage VG0050S4 1968 Active VG0972_D1
Memphis Pro Built-In 304 SS VGB0001S 1205 3399 VG0974_E1
Memphis Select VG0070S4 1501 1690 VG0973_C1
Memphis Select VG0070S4 1697 Active VG0973_D

Stove Info

Hearthland Pellet Stove™ 2010 Stove Owner’s Manual SN#001178 to Current 10-311

Hearthland Pellet Stove™ 2010 Owner’s Manual SN#01086 to 01177

Hearthland Pellet Stove™ 2010 Owner’s Manual SN#01010 to 01085

Pellet Stove Warranty 8-29-11

Stove Replacement Parts List 12-3-10

Stove Troubleshooting 12-3-10

Stove Safety Guide 12-3-10


How do I control the temperature on my Memphis grill?

All Memphis grills come standard with our exclusive Intelligent Temperature Control™ (ITC). Just set your desired temperature from 180 to 650 degrees (depending on the model) and the ITC will maintain the internal temperature of the grill based on the grills internal thermal sensor. No need to adjust temperature as ambient conditions change the ITC will adjust for you. The precision and dependability of the ITC allow for year-round, all-weather cooking even in the most inclement conditions.


How many pellets will my Memphis grill use?

Based on our extensive testing your Memphis grill will consume on average between 0.3 and 2.8 pounds per hour at 70˚ F, depending on the temperature setting. However your Memphis grill is controlled by our exclusive Intelligent Temperature Control™ (ITC). The ITC will vary the air and fuel rate and based on the set point and actual internal thermal sensor readings so that you can maintain consistent internal temperatures.


What type of fuel can I use in my Memphis grill?

You can use any brand of BBQ wood pellets in your Memphis grill. We do recommend Memphis 100% natural wood pellets, these pellets come in 7 different flavors; All Purpose, Alder, Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Maple & Mesquite. The Memphis grill imparts the true wood favor to the food that you are cooking so it’s important that you don’t use heating pellets for cooking, as heating pellets can be made from pine or other wood species that would cause an unfavorable taste.


How do I choose the appropriate pellet flavor to complement my food?

Personal preference is always the most important thing, but since the pellets impart the true wood flavor into the food, we suggest these flavors as starting points.


Apple: Ideal for pork and chicken, or a fruity flavor when baking

Cherry: Ideal for roasted chicken and pork

Hickory: Ideal for smoking ribs, ham, turkey, pork, and wild game

Maple: Ideal for low ‘n’ slow smoking

Mesquite: Ideal for chicken and wild game

Oak: Mild, wood-fired flavor. Ideal for roasting, grilling, smoking and baking.

Experiment with different flavors, individually or mix ‘n’ match to achieve your flavor preferences.


Can I store my BBQ pellets outside or under my Memphis grill?

The pellets are made of 100% natural hardwood, once compressed and dried they have a moisture content of 5%-10% and will hold their form without glues or binders. If the pellets are exposed to excessive moisture or humidity they may lose their form and cause the grill to have longer ignition times and the pellets will burn inefficiently. It is also not recommended to store the pellets close to a heat source as the bag may melt and expose the pellets to moisture. We recommend keeping your pellets in a cool dry location and preferably in a sealed container.


What type of maintenance is required on my Memphis grill?

Your Memphis grill is not a maintenance free item, as with any grill, your grill should be periodically cleaned. It is recommended that you remove any build up of food or grease from the flavorizer and grill grates after each use. A clean flavorizer will further reduce flare ups. Occasionally you will need to vacuum or bush out any build-up of ash or debris below the flavorizers in the burn chamber. Also check the air holes found in the burn pot for any blockages or build-ups. Using a wire brush, scrape off any build up or blockage. ALWAYS clean dirt and dust off all stainless steel surfaces before you begin to cook. The dirt can cook into the metal and discolor it. Dirt can be easily cleaned from stainless steel and powder coated surfaces with mild soap in warm water and a soft cloth.


My Memphis grill will not light, I get a ER-2 message, what’s wrong?

The ITC is programmed to shut down if the internal thermo sensor does not reach 175˚F within 20 minutes. Several things can affect the lighting of the grill; The hopper may be empty (Both sides of the Memphis PRO dual hopper need to be filled), If this is your initial burn the auger needs to be primed until you see or hear pellets falling into the burn pot. If your grill is stored outside, the pellets may have collected additional moisture, increasing the ignition time, or if it is very cold and windy grill may have lit, but did not run long enough to reach an internal temperature of 175˚F.


Do I need to “burn off” my Memphis grill before I cook on it?

Before cooking for the first time, we recommend that you “burn off” the grill to rid it of any foreign matter used in the manufacturing process. Remove the cooking grates and wash with a mild soap or detergent. With the grates removed, light and set the grill to 450F (in “cook mode”) with the lid down for 20 minutes. After burn off, turn the grill OFF and replace the grates. Prior to “burn-off” completely remove the plastic film on all Stainless Steel Surfaces. Failure to do so will cause the film to melt to the metal and it will be extremely difficult to remove.


Where was my Memphis grill made?

Your Memphis grill was proudly designed, engineered and made in Bloomington, MN USA!


How do I register my Memphis grill?

Warranty and Registration for your Memphis grill was enclosed in the owner’s manual or it can be found here.


How does my Memphis grill work, and it really a convection oven?

Just press the “On” button and set the temperature and your Memphis grill with ITC will do the rest. Your Memphis grill starts by feeding 100% natural wood pellets into the burn pot where they are automatically ignited, from there the ITC takes over to ensure that you consistent heat throughout your grilling cycle. The combustion fan(s) fuel the fire with the oxygen required for burning but also creates a convection oven by circulating the heated air. This air circulation or convection allows the grill to cook food faster and more evenly as hot spots in the grill are eliminated. With this true convection and indirect cooking method you have no need for a rotisserie and you can evenly bake bread 350˚F or sear a fillet at 650˚F without worry.


At what temperatures do I cook or smoke food at on my Memphis grill?

Most people are not accustomed to using a grill with digital temperature controls and may not know what temperature to set your grill to. Therefore we have included Appendix A and B in your owner’s manual as a guide to getting started. You can also find recipes for your Memphis grill at our website www.hearthlandproducts.com


When my Memphis grill is in smoke mode I hear the fans cycling, is that normal?

Yes this is normal, the exclusive Intelligent Temperature Control™ (ITC) on your Memphis grill is constantly monitoring the internal thermal sensor and adjusting both the feed and air rate to maintain a consistent temperature within the grill.

If you need assistance setting up the Wi-Fi on your new Memphis Wood Fire Grill, here’s a video to help.

Wi-Fi Setup Instructions

Andriod Users: If the provisioning page does not automatically populate when you select Memphis Grills on your WiFi settings on your device, you will need to open any browser and enter URL www.wificonfig.com

The provisions page will appear and you will be able to search for your home network, select it and enter the password for your network.