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Wood Pellet Smoked Meat

You’ve Got Serious Grilling Game

You’ve conquered the basics of the backyard BBQ grill, experimented with fun flavors, and have loved sharing the results with friends and family. Now it’s time to reach your true BBQ pitmaster potential.

Skip the Sleepless Nights

Nailing that award-winning wood-fired flavor used to demand a serious time investment. (just ask the pros to share a few tales about manning their BBQ smokers till dawn.)

But that was before Memphis.

Now you can accomplish low-and-slow cooking without the all-nighter. Simply set your meat on the grates, tell the grill what your preferred cooking and final internal meat temperatures are, and walk away.

That means there’s no need to camp out next to your pellet smoker to get blue ribbon-worthy smoked pork shoulder, brisket, or ribs. Save the sleeping bag and head to bed while Memphis does the heavy-lifting for you.

Go From Average Joe to BBQ Pro

Ordinarily, it takes years and years of training and experience to develop the right techniques to smoke and grill with wood. The simple fact is all the gadgets and professional-grade tools in the world can’t make up for lack of experience when it comes to producing BBQ competition-quality food over a basic wood fire grill.

Luckily, your Memphis is anything but a basic backyard BBQ grill.

Programmed with cutting-edge technology, it manages the technical aspects of wood pellet smokers, so you don’t have to wait years to get the professional results you want.

Our proprietary Intelligent Temperature Control and digital food probe mean you never overcook your meat. (Did we say never? Yes, we did.) When it reaches the programmed temperature, your Memphis automatically reduces temperature to the lowest set point and keeps your food warm.

Now you can count on consistent results. It even automatically adjusts the fuel-to-air ratio as needed, so no more stressing about when to add wood pellets. Your Memphis has got you covered.

Perfectly Smoked Beef On Pellet Grill
Memphis Wood Fire Flame

Beyond the Basics with Wood Flavor

Not only does Memphis give you a highly intelligent tool to make amazing meals, it also gives you the resources to go all the way to the big league of BBQ.

Our wood pellets come in amazing varieties, like hickory, mesquite, and applewood, giving your food all the rich, wood-fired flavor the pros are known for.

And speaking of pros, we also share recipes developed by amazing BBQ pitmasters and professional chefs specifically for your Memphis Grill — not to mention cooking and entertaining tips to help you up your grilling game even further.

Become a BBQ Grill Master with Memphis

Mastering a new ability has never been so easy. Memphis will save you years of training and time, and covers all your cooking needs — not just grilling and smoking, but even convection cooking. Anything your stovetop can do, a Memphis Wood Fire Grill can do better.

Nothing will get you started on your path to grilling greatness like your Memphis grill. It’s fast. It’s smart. It’s the best in the business, hands down.

Memphis is redefining outdoor cooking – now it’s your turn!


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