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Gifts for the BBQ Enthusiast

Memphis Holiday Ribbons

A Memphis Wood Fire Grill can make Christmas shopping easy, quick and painless. Due to the Memphis Grill’s amazing versatility there is a long list of accessories available to purchase that will compliment both your grill and the floor space beneath your Christmas tree. The Memphis Grill’s ability to smoke, bake, roast, and grill offers…

Add BBQ to your Healthy Eating Arsenal

Honey Mustard Chicken Grilled on Pellet Grill

Enjoying the delicious taste of BBQ doesn’t have to be a deterrent to weight-loss or making healthy food choices. The days of chastising yourself after a weekend of BBQ are a thing of the past. A Memphis Wood Fire Grill offers new and exciting options to the BBQ aficionado interested in eating healthy. It truly can be the…

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