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October 8, 2013 - Blog Site - American Royal

As a competitor at the 2013 American Royal, the largest BBQ Cooking Competition in the world, I was fortunate to cook a few briskets on the Memphis Elite at the 2013 American Royal.  I had used a Memphis Pro in 2012 when another brand would not get hot enough to brown up a batch of Usinger brats. We prepared them in a simmering bath of beer, butter and onions and the Memphis Pro did a super job cooking them.  I observed how the Memphis Grill performed and it convinced me and my wife it would be our next pellet grill.  This year, I was very happy to use the Elite for my briskets, both choice packers and weighing in at about 12.5# and the other a hefty 17.3#.  They fit nicely on the grate with no overhang.  I was assured by Memphis' pros that the set temp and grate temps would be very comparable and stable across the grate, etc, etc,.

The technical facts and numbers sounded impressive, but I knew the performance enhancements should be even better with a few years of new technology tossed in.  I was not disappointed!   I put the briskets on with the larger one to the left, fat caps down, points to the outside at 200°.  I put my faith in Memphis Grills and went back to the hotel for some sleep.  I returned about 7 hours later and found both briskets cooking perfectly, the larger one about 5° cooler in the thickest part, and absolutely the same temps in the flats at opposite ends of the grate.  I compared the Memphis’ meat probe reading vs. an external device and they were the same.  In the end, both briskets were cooked perfectly. Thanks to the Memphis Elite Grill for a perfect cook!  I will say the Memphis Wood Fire Grills impressed me the more than any  other brand.

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