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Memphis Grills is the best grill I’ve seen!

January 2010

I am an avid cook who loves the fresh grilled flavor. I recently grilled two chickens on the Memphis Wood Fire Grill –and they never turned out better!

I preheated the grill to 500 degrees, prepared one chicken with a spicy rub and the other brushed with olive oil seasoned with salt and pepper. I seared the chickens for ten minutes on each side (gotta love that golden brown skin!) and then lowered the temperature to 350 degrees. I then cooked them for 45-50 minutes, removed them from the heat, and let them rest for fifteen minutes before carving.

They turned out incredible! Crisp skin on the outside, juicy tender meat on the inside! Grilled With Ease to Perfection. Memphis Grills is the best grill I’ve seen!

Kevin Sharkey

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