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I've cooked just about everything on it

June 2011

I've owned my Memphis Advantage for one year now. During that year, I've cooked just about everything on it. All kinds of meats and most of the popular combos and appetizers like ABT's, Fatties, and Moinks, among other stuff. Here are my thoughts on the basics:

  • Reliability - 100%. I've never had a day that I couldn't use it.
  • Durability - A+. Nothing has broken and required a fix. A minor lid/hood alignment problem developed that was easy to correct. No parts or labor, just a few minutes of my time.
  • Quality - A+. It is built like a tank. The sheet metal is heavy as are the grids and everything else about it. I don't see anything that looks like slipshod quality or poor workmanship. Nothing is wearing down, breaking, or rusting.
  • Ease of Use - A+. Even a caveman could use it. There's nothing much to learn. The buttons and read-out on the controller are clearly marked and logical.


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(For the full post go to, Hearthland Produts LLC, Memphis Grills Comment & Questions. Click on Subject to order the titles alphabetically and find Memphis Advantage at One Year.)

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