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Pellet Grill Recipes

Grilling is Taking on a Whole New Flavor!

Memphis Wood Fire Grills™ are 3-in-1 Outdoor Cooking Centers™ that grill, smoke, and are a true convection ovens that cook anything your indoor oven can. Sear a juicy steak, bake an apple pie, or slow-smoke your favorite brisket. Here are some of our favorite recipes:

Nov 21, 2012
Maple pellets work great for this holiday recipe, but feel free to use whatever is in your hopper - everything taste great with stuffing! ...
Nov 4, 2012
Ingredients list 1, 2 inch thick sirloin steak 6 slices Provolone cheese ¼ C minced garlic 2 C peeled garlic cloves 2 C assorted peppers, sliced 1 C...
Sep 14, 2012
This recipe is simple, but so delicious! We recommend using maple pellets for the best flavor.  Ingredients list  1 lb. fresh raspberries...
Sep 14, 2012
Seriously drool-worthy seafood alfredo. We recommend using pecan pellets for this recipe.  Ingredients list  1 lb. cooked shrimp; we used...
Jul 23, 2012
Individual New York steak sliders are topped with a tangy blend of roasted red peppers and accented with fresh citrus and peppery greens. Yield:...

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