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Chop chop! Finding the Best Knife for Your Kitchen Cooking Personality

Take away a painter’s paintbrush, a contractor’s hammer or a mathematician’s abacus (they still use those, right?) and chances are they’ll feel pretty naked. Take away a chef’s (or foodie’s) knife on the other hand, and you’ll find someone feeling naked, afraid and probably utterly lost. Completing even some of the most rudimentary tasks in the kitchen can become nearly impossible without a blade. For the most part, the knife a chef uses is a personal choice and one that many don’t take lightly, so, why should you? Do like we do and follow the ribs to our fun kitchen personality quiz to determine what knife fits you best.

When it comes right down to it, besides your Memphis (of course), a knife is probably your next most important tool in the kitchen. So whether you’re shelling out the big bucks for a whole knife collection or looking to find “The One,” perhaps taking a test-run is the best way to pick. And if all else fails, take a “Harry Potter’s Wand” approach to choosing your knife, and let the knife choose you.

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...By the way, we have chicken breasts most likely more often than most folks, and we cook them all on the Memphis Pro. Every last one we have had has been unbelievably moist, tender and exactly...

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