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Hearthland Awards

Memphis Wood Fired Grills (3-in-1 Outdoor Cooking Centers) are captivating consumers and industry experts winning multiple prestigious first place awards and has developed wide-spread.

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Vesta Awards

The Memphis Wood Fire Grill won first place in two categories at the 2010 Vesta Awards - Best-in-Show and Best-in-Category (charcoal and wood pellet grills). The Vesta Award is the industry’s highly sought after award presented by the United States Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HPBA).

The Vesta Award honors companies who demonstrate innovation in design and/or technology. They are presented annually by Hearth & Home Magazine, a trade publication serving the Hearth, Barbecue, and Patio industries for over 30 years. Judges are composed of retailers, distributors, product designers, test lab engineers, and industry experts.

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International Awards

The Memphis Grill also recently won first place in the 2010 International Barbecue Award for all of Europe. Hearthland Products is excited about it’s European opportunities, and is distributing its products through Louis Hagel Company strategically located in Germany.

The prestigious International Barbecue Award honors companies who are advancing the outdoor cooking and demonstrate innovation in design and/or technology.  Since its introduction in 2004, the International Barbecue Award has been gaining steadily in international recognition.  FIRE & FOOD publishing company, sponsor of the award, join with its partners to provide media promotion through through its publication in FIRE & FOOD. Judges are composed of internationally recognized master chefs, food magazine editors, and famous BBQ Champions.

american royal award

American Royal Award

The team that won third place out of 511 competition barbecue teams,, barbecued their award-winning meats on the Memphis at the 2010 Royal American Barbeque! Another significant win as the American Royal is the largest barbecue contest in the world, and considered the World Series of Barbecue contests with over 70,000 in attendance. Memphis’ advanced performance, convenience, and flavorful results has caught the attention of the competition circuit, which leads barbecue cooking trends with their discriminating tastes. It is estimated that in pursuit of the best flavors, thirty percent of competition cookers now use wood pellet grills, a small but growing category of grills.