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Hearthland Pellet Stoves

Makes Anywhere a Home with Ambiance and Comfort

When you want the warmth and ambiance of heat at your fingertips, rely on Hearthland Pellet Stoves™.  Hearthland’s™ advanced heating technology provides unparalleled flexibility and overall performance. You choose the BTU heat output and fan speed – you get the control and comfort desired. One-touch Intelligent Temperature Control™ (ITC) distributes a powerful heat of up to 51,300 BTUs per hour, heating up to 2,500 square feet.


Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly, and Economical

Hearthland Stoves™ offer you the flexibility of heating only the space you want, not unoccupied rooms. Zone heating conserves energy, and lowers monthly fuel expenses. Hearthland Stoves™ are certified to be 78% energy efficient by OMNI-Test Laboratories, and burn cleaner than cord wood or coal. Simply fill the extra large hopper, set the temperature and fan speed, and heat the desired area you want.

Advanced Heating Technology, Design, and Engineering

Our state-of-the-art heating technology provides maximum heat output, while you enjoy the convenience of auto-maintained warmth. Hearthland Stoves™ have two fans -a “Dual Flow” convection fan system. The fans are positioned on each side of the firebox for maximum heat efficiency and distribution.  One-touch automatic ignition, temperature and fan controls set maintain your selected settings.


Automatic Ignition and Intelligent Temperature Control™ (ITC)

One-touch automatic ignition and Intelligent Temperature Control™ (ITC) provides the ultimate in convenience.  Four heat settings and five fan speeds offer maximum flexibility in temperature and output. Wall-mount or remote control thermostat compatible.

Exceptional Manufacturing

More than 60 years of manufacturing experience ensures the highest of quality. Superior craftsmanship and strict standards of manufacturing processes guarantee long-term reliability and durability.  Made in the USA.

Dual Fan Air System and Large Heat Exchanger

 Warms up a room in a hurry with up to 51,300 powerful BTUs per hour and a 926 square-inch heat exchanger. Quiet motors, blowers, and auto controls provide tranquility in your home.

Extra Large Hopper Capacity

Extra Large 70 lb. hopper capacity utilizes all-natural, 100% renewable wood pellets.  Provides uninterrupted burning for up to approximately 56 hours.

Easy Direct Exhaust Ventilation

Hearthland Stoves™ are engineered to simplify installation. Direct exhaust ventilation requirements are minimal with only a 3-inch diameter pellet vent needed through any wall or ceiling. 


Remote Control or Wall-Mount Thermostat Compatible (optional)

Add convenience and specify your desired temperature with a remote control or wall-mount thermostat. The thermostat can be run in high/low or auto/off modes.

Please refer to Itasca or Nokomis Specifications and Owner’s Manual for more information.

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