Ribs – What’s the difference?

America’s penchant for barbecue is indisputable. This highly revered practice of preparing food according to the philosophy of barbecue is firmly entrenched in our cooking traditions. One of the favorite staples of barbecue lovers are ribs. But not all ribs are created equal, and some fail miserably when cooked on a barbecue. The good news is…


Gifts for the BBQ Enthusiast

A Memphis Wood Fire Grill can make Christmas shopping easy, quick and painless. Due to the Memphis Grill’s amazing versatility there is a long list of accessories available to purchase that will compliment both your grill and the floor space beneath your Christmas tree. The Memphis Grill’s ability to smoke, bake, roast, and grill offers…


Add BBQ to your Healthy Eating Arsenal

Enjoying the delicious taste of BBQ doesn’t have to be a deterrent to weight-loss or making healthy food choices. The days of chastising yourself after a weekend of BBQ are a thing of the past. A Memphis Wood Fire Grill offers new and exciting options to the BBQ aficionado interested in eating healthy. It truly can be the…


Chanterelles: Foraging for Golden Treasure

It’s impossible to describe the flavor of these mushrooms adequately; there’s nothing else that tastes quite like them. You may just have to find some of your own and cook them up to understand how amazing these golden mushrooms taste (especially when cooked on a Memphis Wood Fire Grill). Late summer, starting in mid-August and through…


Nice article in Forbes!

“Memphis Wood Fire Grill: This high-end line of pellet smoker/grill combos takes backyard cooking up a notch and may be as close as you can get to a true all in one gourmet solution. It offers three distinct ways to cook everything from championship-style slow smoked brisket to flash seared steaks to baked pies. The…


Top Ten High-End Grills for 2015

We’re pleased to share that AmazingRibs.com has selected us a a top ten high-end grill for 2015! The Memphis Elite, launched in March 2012, is the largest cooker in their impressive line of luxury pellet smokers. Memphis Pellet Smokers are extremely well built and designed. The top grade 304 stainless is thick and extraordinarily well…


Can Alternative Meat take the Heat?

While most grillers are committed carnivores, it’s a fair bet that not all your friends and family are. That’s why it’s a good idea to be familiar with vegan dinner options. It will enable you to cater to a variety of preferences or those with health restrictions. Grilling veggies and even fruits is nothing new…

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